Software Development Services

Linux Development and Administration

From drivers, to porting windows application, we have you covered.

Linux Device Drivers

Need a driver ported from Windows to Linux?
Need to have a Linux device driver back-ported to an older kernel or updated for a newer kernel?
Is your device vendor not supporting your hardware? We do the heavy lifting and deal with the subtle complexities involved in developing device drivers, adding custom features, or porting to a new hardware platforms.


We can quickly design and build your customized software, and leverage many Linux and Open Source packages to decrease development time. We have extensive experience in creating mission-critical software products, and deliver them on time, and often under-budget. While we speak Java, PHP, Perl and Python, we live especially love to work in C/C++


We are experts in all aspects of Linux networking, from network device drivers to TCP/IP protocols and network programming.


When things go wrong, we are there to help. Understanding Linux problems gets easier with experience – we’ve been there and done that.


We can build test frameworks to check that software works as designed and stays working.


Levering our experience, we can research, prototype and report on a topic which might be fundamental to your future product development strategy.


We’ve worked on big projects, bringing together diverse software components to build build a complete system.


We aren’t afraid of oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers.